Monte Choca State Forest

Monte Choca State Forest is located approximately in the center of the country of Puerto Rico. It is slightly south of the city of Corozal. To get there from Corozal, take PR 164 south towards Palmarejo then turn south on PR 803 until you get to Palos Blancos where you should see signs for the entrance along PR 808. The land for this state forest was purchased from private owners in 2003 and designated a state forest shortly thereafter. Therefore, it is a fairly new state forest and thus has not been developed much.

Monte Choca State Forest obviously has mountains to climb as well as some mountain biking trails. There is a visitor's center where you can obtain state forest information and well as find out about tours available. A cathedral is also located at the state forest and some picnic areas.

Call Monte Choca State Forest at 787-724-3647 for additional information.